Now that I run an impromptu hair salon, I figured I’d make a yelp-like page so you can be an informed consumer. Plus, you can always check out the Cuts by Cam section. Please keep your comments appropriate or I won’t post them here. Scroll past the form to see comments!


“My hair is my life. I trust Cam with my life! He gives great hairstyle advice and always puts the customer first. His proceeds from haircuts also go towards a good cause. Must use this barber!!!” 5 StarsLily

“Cam did an exceptional job with my haircut! He transformed my grown-out asymmetrical style to a new short and sassy ‘do that I absolutely love ❤ I am very happy with the results. He provides affordable haircuts, charges women the same price as men (yay for equality!), and you can talk about anything with him. Whatever you say to the Bard Barber, stays with the Bard Barber. FIVE STARS FOR CHAMSTAH :D” 5 StarsEthel R.

“What better way to de-stress and treat yo’self post-exam? CAM-CUT! Lovely (AFFORDABLE) haircut for a lovely cause. Thanks, Cam!!!” 5 Stars – Katrina

“Cam is such an attentive and considerate barber. Even though I gave vague descriptions on how I wanted my hair cut, he did a great job improvising! I love the way it turned out and I would definitely have Cam cut my hair again! :)” 5 StarsKiana

“Hi! I have came back for a second review because I received an impromptu trim from Cam recently! Even under limited supplies and pressure from a nervous customer, Cam was able to trim my hair to the perfect length. He was patient and didn’t mind re-trimming my hair when I wanted it to be shorter. He was understanding and shared tips on hair-care freely during my haircut. I was not nervous at all! I stand by my first review! He truly is the best barber in town!” 5 StarsLily

“Cam did a great job with my hair. I came in with a vague idea of how short I wanted it and take Cam’s suggestions on the details, and it turned out great! Also, the conversations are nice and relaxing, and Cam’s suggestion on how to maintain my hair was helpful as well.” 5 Stars – steaksteaksteak


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