Happy Monday folks! I’m gonna tell you all a quick story to start off today’s article:

When I was a youngin’ (3 years ago), I got this dreadful haircut at my local barber shop. This was the first time I was ever going to get an undercut, and I was so excited. Well, long story short they done messed up. The stylist left this ledge where my part was.

Now whose fault was that? Mine – for the simple reason that I went without specific instructions. I wanted a disconnect, but I didn’t mention that. So how could the stylist have known? Sure, they could’ve asked, but we can’t assume the stylist is always going to ask.

This brings me to the ultimate point of this post: BE INFORMED. Let your barber,  stylist, or some other third thing know exactly what you want. Do your research. Every head of hair is a piece of art…okay maybe not this one, but you get the picture.

You know what also helps? Visual aids. We (by we I mean barbers and hair stylists) are kind of like little kids in that way.

Lastly, if you need the vocabulary to explain what you want out of your barber, hit me up. See the Contact page or just shoot me an email at

Have a great week everyone! I’ll see you on Wednesday with a winter hair care video!

Stay Shuai,



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