What’s up folks? It’s been a while, and that’s partly due to getting back in the swing of school and the fact that I’m trying to make more videos! I’ve realized there’s only so much about hair that can be communicated via written words. Also, sorry for the picture…dandruff kinda reminds me of salt and I just had to do my best salt bae impression.

Anyways, let’s get down to why you opened this article in the first place. You have dandruff. How did I know that? Because you probably wouldn’t read this otherwise. It’s chill though, dandruff can be fixed.

To attack a problem, we need to know its source. Dandruff is mainly caused by one of two things: overly dry scalp and overly oily scalp. Boom, that was easy. And yes, I know it sounds weird that the two extremes cause the same thing. Basically if you have a dry scalp, the sebaceous glands (oil glands in your skin) go into overdrive, producing more sebum which then leads to dandruff…so the two mechanisms are quite similar.

That’s enough science for now. Let’s talk solutions. No, not those.

  1. For those on the dry scalp side, wash your hair less often! Washing your hair with sulfate-containing shampoos dries out the scalp.
  2. Condition your hair if you have dry hair and/or a dry scalp. Pick a conditioner that’s got good stuff in it (Read HEALTHY HAIR VOL. IX for more)
  3. Anti-dandruff shampoos work well for more severe cases. Many of them are tar-based. I’ve found these to be quite effective. Yes, I used to have dandruff *gasp
  4. If your scalp and hair are naturally oily, you might want to avoid petroleum/petrolatum-based products

Hopefully these tips will help you combat your flakes! Also, don’t expect results right away. Your skin will take some time to adapt to whatever new routine you’re subjecting it to, so give it some time.

Have a great rest of your week!

Stay Shuai,



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