Happy Monday everyone! Welcome back to your (hopefully) favorite source for hair tips, tricks, and other things. Today we’re sticking to the theme of winter maintenance given that (depending on where you live) it’s frickin’ cold outside.

Sure cold air feels nice to some, but it isn’t good for your hair or scalp. A dry scalp can lead to dandruff, itching, and worst of all, extraneous hair loss. At this point, I’d like to direct you to HEALTHY HAIR VOL. VIII for winter maintenance tips if you haven’t read it already. In that post, I mentioned that conditioning your hair is essential during the cold months, but how do we know which conditioners are good?

*Imagine some kind of magical noise*

It’s actually quite simple to pick a great conditioner! Here are Cam’s criteria (oooh that has a nice ring to it…) for conditioners:

1. NO SULFATES ALLOWED – if it has sulfates it’s literally contradicting what it’s supposed to do. You’re just gonna strip your hair of the oils it’s supposed to be adding.

2. Same as #1 but with sodium derivatives – as you probably know, salt dries stuff out including your hair and scalp.

3. Look for essential oils – argan (Moroccan), avocado, coconut, and olive oils are ingredients commonly found in conditioners. These guys are great for your tresses. Note: this list of oils isn’t exhaustive by any means.

4. Avoid harmful chemicals – these include parabens and cocamide MEA/DEA/TEA.

5. Find something that smells good to you. You’re gonna be the main person smelling it anyway.

And that wraps up today’s hair advice. Check back next week for yet another blog post and my first video about women’s hair! Thanks for reading y’all ❤

Stay Shuai,



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