Howdy everyone! Hope y’all are having a great holiday season with loved ones and the like. This time of year is great for spending time with friends and family, warm beverages (pumpkin spice latte anyone?), and snow. Unfortunately, winter is not so great for your hair and if you haven’t checked out HEALTHY HAIR VOL. VIII – WINTER MAINTENANCE, do it NOW…or after you’ve read this post.

Anyways, cold weather is cold. When you’re cold, you wear hats. When you wear hats, your hair gets messed up. Don’t let your flow get messed up…follow these tips for hat hair prevention:

1. For ladies and dudes with longer hair, a loose bun works nicely for preventing creases from hats and other headwear. After the hat comes off, you can undo the bun and you’ll even get a little volume boost.

2. If you rock a shorter style, keep the sides maintained so the hat has less stuff to crease.

4. Building on tip #3, wear hats a bit looser if possible.

Let’s say you forgot to take preventative measures…what now? BAM got tips for that too 🙂

1. Been wearing a hat and need to look somewhat presentable in a flash? Wet your hair and comb it with your fingers. No combs or brushes here. These tools will make the non-messed up part of your hair look nice while the creased part is gonna look even worse in comparison.

2. If you have some time, a towel soaked in hot water can help. Wrap that sucker around the crease for a couple minutes and watch the line disappear.

3. Intentional messiness can be cool. Sometimes you just need to rough up your hair a bit and your problems will be gone.

4. Back to the drawing board: if all else fails, start all over. Wash your hair and restyle it.

Alrighty folks, thanks for reading as always and have a safe New Year y’all.

Stay Shuai,



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