Today’s post isn’t about hair…well it kind of is. Many of you know that I run Cuts By Cam (CbC) as a salon branch of SG, but did you know I don’t keep any of the profit? If you’ve visited the Cuts By Cam page OR THE FRONT PAGE you’d know…(no shade, really, luv you guys).

Seeing that the holiday season is a great time for giving, SG will be making its first donation to Project Hope at Cornell! This organization raises both funds and awareness for education in rural areas of China, and specifically supports children in underfunded communities. Many people don’t realize this, but a majority of China’s children grow up in rural areas, and a staggering ~97%  never go to college. Plus, things we take for granted here in the US (i.e. free public education) don’t really exist.

Project Hope was my home-away-from-home during undergrad, and I thought it’d be a long time before I could give back. However, thanks to many of you lovely people (i.e. the people featured on the Cuts by Cam page), I get to make a contribution now.

Thus, I am proud to announce that SG will be donating over $500 this holiday season!!! For reference, this can fully fund a child’s primary education. This wouldn’t be possible without your support, and know that the kids and I are eternally grateful.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Stay Shuai,




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