Roads and sidewalks aren’t the only things that are going to require maintenance this winter. Snow and a crisp, cool breeze can be hard on the knees, but that’s not why I’m writing these…articles (sorry, ran out of rhyme juice).

Sure, you may love the winter, but your hair sure doesn’t. First, the air gets mad dry during the winter months which is no bueno for your tresses. Second, most indoor places are going to be quite warm and still dry which is just going to add insult to injury. How do we combat this double whammy? Glad you asked.

To prevent your beloved hair from turning into static-filled peanut brittle, check out the following tips:

1. CONDITION YOUR HAIR. I really can’t stress this enough…conditioner is an essential ingredient to healthy hair, and it is imperative to use it during the winter. Leave-in conditioners or hair oils are great too if your hair suffers from excessive dryness.

2. CUT DOWN BLOW DRYING TIME. It’s chill if you still want to look great when it’s cold out. Just don’t overdo it on the drying. Your hair will thank you. As always, use a heat protectant! Please refer to HEALTHY HAIR VOL. IV for more on heat protectant.

3. TRY WASHING YOUR HAIR LESS OFTEN. This will help your hair retain its essential oils and keep it from becoming dry/brittle.

4. AVOID HAIR PRODUCTS CONTAINING ALCOHOLS. There are some good alcohols (fatty ones), but most have a drying effect on the hair. Leave them be if possible. HEALTHY HAIR VOL. III has more info about alcohols and other harmful chemicals found in hair products.

5. CONTROL THE STATIC. Apparently, you can use a dryer sheet and rub it on static-afflicted sections of your hair to remove the residual charge. Haven’t tried it, but if you do please let me know if it works! Boar’s hair brushes can also diffuse the static electricity.

6. EAT HEALTHY. Let’s be real, this should be a given no matter what season it is. Please, for your sake, your hair, and for those who love you, be like Nike and just do it.

7. WEAR A HAT WHEN YOU’RE OUTSIDE. Hats are great for protecting your head from the elements. This will save your hair and scalp from excessive dryness.

That wraps up today’s blog post. Tune in next week for the first Cuts by Cam video! As always thanks for reading!

Stay Shuai,



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