Flyaways are suuuuuper annoying blemishes that can make even the best hair styles…well not. Pretty much everybody has them, but don’t worry, they can be controlled.

And yes, baby hairs are very similar and can be remedied too!

Here are my 3 easy fixes for stray hairs:

1. Proper blow drying technique – if you have an area of your head that tends to have more strays than elsewhere, spending more time on that area with a blow dryer can help. Make sure you’re directing your hair in the desired manner whilst doing so.

2. If you’ve finished styling your hair with a heavier product (i.e. a clay) and then notice you have flyaways, don’t use the heavy product to fix them. Use something lighter if you have it, such as a pomade or light wax. Heavier products will just make the flyaways harder and less compliant.

3. Lotion can be a great substitute for hair product in the case of stray hairs. However, I’m not saying to use lotion as a styling product. Turns out this gem is light and can get flyaways to stick to the rest of your hair and when you only use a little bit it doesn’t look greasy. Plus, lotion would actually have a conditioning effect come to think of it…

And that wraps up today’s post! Stay tuned later this week for a special video featuring my adorable cousin, Sofie! Thanks for reading y’all ❤

Stay Shuai,




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