Hello ladies and germs, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sorry for the delayed post…didn’t really have time over the break to do much.

Anyways, today’s post is all about picking the right shampoo for you. TL;DR at the bottom for those who are opposed to reading.

There are approximately 3 million different brands of shampoos out there (this number is made-up, but you get the idea), so how do we go about picking just one without pulling our hair out? Well, the first step is getting to know your hair and what your hair needs.

Is your hair naturally dry or oily?

Do you have natural or artificial color?

Is your hair treated (i.e. permed)?

These are all important questions to address when picking the optimal ‘poo for your hair.

For those of us naturally dry hair, you might want to think about using a shampoo with built-in conditioning agents if you don’t already condition your hair (which I would highly recommend doing). These include but aren’t limited to: argan oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. If your hair is already oily in its natural state, then you can probably skip out on these and use conditioner sparingly. Just make sure your hair is properly hydrated.

If you dye or bleach your hair, you’re already damaging the strands sorry :(. However, to make sure the damage doesn’t get worse, use a gentle shampoo that is safe for color-treated hair! It should say it on the bottle somewhere (usually the front). If you don’t, you’re most likely going to end up drying out your hair even more and stripping the cool coloring you just added.

The above can be applied to people with treated hair as well since dying/bleaching are forms of chemical treatment. Also, I forgot to mention that conditioning agents are also good for retaining color/treatment in the hair.

TL;DR: conditioning agents are great. If your hair is chemically treated, look for the words “color-safe” or “for chemically treated hair” on the bottles. As always, avoid things like sulfates, parabens, and cocamide MEA/DEA/TEA/MIPA. These are no bueno.

Thanks for reading! For more on hair washing, check out HEALTHY HAIR VOL. I.

Stay Shuai,



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