Yes, I realize “volumizing” isn’t a real word, but you get the gist. A lot of people struggle every day with the misfortune of flat hair. I myself suffer from flat hair without product 😦

That being said, today’s post is gonna focus on simple tips and tricks for achieving sky-high volume…or just more volume than you currently have.

1. The first and easiest tip for getting volume? Style your hair in the opposite direction in which it grows. So, if your hair grows to the left, style to the right and vice versa. If you have straight hair that grows forward, you can style back. A blow dryer is especially handy in this situation (keep an eye out for a video about this).

2. Use heat. Heat (either in the form of blow dryers or straighteners) can help build serious lift. Blow drying while arcing your hair with a vented brush is an easy way to do this. If you need a demonstration, refer to TUTORIALS VOL. I or wait for the video that will come out in a couple weeks. Caution: a heat protestant should be used whenever hair is exposed to heat!

This brush is one of my favorite things. Ever.

3. Use strong-holding finishing products. For the most part, light to medium-hold products aren’t going to give you enough lift for extreme volume. However, light-medium products can make great pre-stylers. This brings me to point #4.

Claymation is a great strong-hold product for people with thicker hair.

4. Mousse is a simple way to produce hair with light, touchable volume. However, you’re going to need a blow dryer to produce said volume with mousse.

Alright, hopefully these quick tips will help you get a little extra body and height into your locks. I know I rely on my hair to add 2 extra inches to my height (well, guess the secret’s out). As always, thanks for reading fam.

Stay Shuai,




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