Finally, here’s a post more relevant to you folks with longer hair (I’m looking at you, ladies). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have split ends with shorter hair…it’s just less likely.

So, what are split ends? It’s all in the name. Basically, split ends describe hair that has started to fray at or near the end of the strand. This happens because the proteins are damaged. Here’s an extreme example:


Image taken from:

Luckily/hopefully, your hair shouldn’t be this bad. You get the picture though. Now how do we fix this little annoyance? Well, there’s really only one solution:

Cut Them Off – The simplest solution is often the best solution…cut them off. However, unless you know what you’re doing, don’t do it yourself. You can inadvertently produce more split ends if you don’t cut them correctly. Also, it’s possible to get rid of split ends without sacrificing length.

There are a lot of neat little tricks to “fix” split ends, but in reality they’re just cover-ups. It’s like putting makeup on a pimple. At the end of the day, it’s still there.

So, how do we prevent split ends in the first place? Here are my 5 E-Z tips:

1. Avoid heat damage. Please refer to Healthy Hair Vol. IV for more about heat styling.

2. Please, please, please…use conditioner whenever you wash your hair.

3. Be gentle when you towel dry your hair! Excessive force can lead to strand breakage.

4. Let your hair dry a bit before you start styling. Sopping wet hair is mad weak. Read more in Healthy Hair Vol. II.

5. Wash your hair with as cold of water as you can tolerate. Hot water isn’t good for your hair surprise, surprise. Even if you like showering with hot water, rinse your hair at the end with cold water really fast. It works, trust me.

I can’t stress this enough – a great hairstyle comes from healthy hair. Following these tips should get you on the track to healthy and luscious locks.

Thanks for reading y’all.

Stay Shuai,





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