I always hear people talking about what products they use in their hair to get the styles they want, but I rarely, if ever, hear anyone mention the role of their haircut. A good haircut goes a long way – arguably further than any product. If your hair isn’t the right length/style without stuff in it, you’re going to be swimming in the River Styx with no floaties on.

Now I’m sure some of you are asking, “But Cam, what about me who doesn’t use product?” Aha! It’s even more important for you folks to have a good haircut! However it’s cut is going to be how people see it.

So, what makes a good haircut? Well, it’s gotta be the right length for whatever style you’re trying to achieve. Additionally, it should be tailored to a style which compliments your face shape. According to the big wigs (pun intended) in the style industry, oval faces are ideal and can pull off essentially any hairstyle. Not sure how they arrived at that conclusion, but we’ll just use that as a template.

What do you do if you don’t have a face shaped like the President’s office? Get a haircut/style that makes your face appear more oval-like. Here are some examples:

Both of our female models here have roundish faces, therefore having longer hair has an elongating effect, making the face appear more oval-like. Our male model  has a more square face, and has a voluminous hairstyle which also has an elongating effect (sorry, his hair was just cut and I had kind of diluted most of the product in his hair…trust me his hair is quite voluminous).

Now, here are some dudes with longer faces:

These guys have more tame hairstyles and this keeps the face from being elongated further. This is typically a good thing. Nobody wants to look like The Scream…who’s ironically bald.

For the ladies reading, the same principles apply. If your face is longer, you can probably pull off a pixie cut or something similar (sorry, I don’t have any friends that currently match this criteria). At the same time though, long hair works pretty well for women with longer faces too.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully this post will help you pick your next hairstyle when you go to the barber! (If you know me, hit me up for a trim hint hint, nudge nudge). As always, y’all are the bomb for reading ❤

Stay Shuai,



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